Regional Representation for Americas

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The Regional Representation of the OIE for the Americas was established in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in February 1998, with the agreement of the member countries of the region and the support of the Veterinary Services of Argentina (SENASA).

 RR Americas opening

Authorithies from the continent, as well from the OIE HQ, participated at the opening ceremony:
Standing: Dr. Luis Osvaldo Barcos, former Argentina OIE Delegate; Dr. Victor Emmanoel Vieira Saraiva, former Director of the Pan-American Center for Foot and Mouth Disease (PANAFTOSA) of the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO); Dr. Vicente Mateo Astudillo Caldes, former Director PAHO-PANAFTOSA; Dr. Sergio Garay Roman, former Vice-Ministry of Livestock from Paraguay and former President of SENACSA Paraguay; Dr. Isidro González, former President of SENACSA Paraguay; Dr. Eduardo Correa Melo, former Director of PAHO-PANAFTOSA; Dr. Oscar Dominguez Falcon, former Peru OIE Delegate; Dr. Santaella Gutiérrez, former Colombia OIE Delegate; Dr. Emilio Gimeno, former Regional Representative of the OIE for the Americas.

Sitting: Dr. Joan M. Arnoldi, former USA OIE Delegate; Dr. Norman Willis, OIE Honorary President; Dr. A. Omar Flores Hernández, former Mexico OIE Delegate and Regional Representative of the OIE for the Americas; Dr. Jean Blancou, former OIE Director General; and Dr. Carlos Correa, Uruguay OIE Delegate.




Dr. Emilio Gimeno, Dr. Jean Blancou, Dr. Norman Willis and Dr. Luis Osvaldo Barcos.