Regional Representation for Americas

Animal health and economy

The OIE has been carry out economic studies related to animal health in different levels, including global level and regional level.

To acces to the global level studies please visit the OIE headquarters web page by clicking here.

Related to the Regional Level studies, you can download the ones performed in our region:


Economics of Official Veterinary Services: The Case of Latin America download

Cost Benefit - Introduction: Bolivia – Foot and Moth disease download in Spanish

Project Cost-Benefit Analysis: Case Studies download in Spanish

Costs and benefits of foot and mouth disease control for global food security download

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Animal Health: Case Studies in Latin America download in Spanish

Financing and organisation of Veterinary Services download

Preparation of Veterinary Strategic Plan and Cost-Benefit Analysis download

Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Brucelosis Control and Erradication Plan: The Costa Rica case download in Spanish

Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Classic Swine Fever Plan: The Honduras case download in Spanish