Regional Representation for Americas

May: General Session

The International Committee which consists of Chief Veterinary Officers of the OIE Members Countries, analyses and adopts international standards, and also recognize country, zones and compartments free of diseases.

June - July: MC Comments on adopted Standards

During this period, OIE Member Countries study standards adopted in the last OIE General Session and make additional comments to changes proposed, and send them to the OIE Headquarters.

August - September: Specialist Commission

Eeach Specialist Commission will examine comments received from Member Countries and take them into account in developing proposals for new or revised Code chapters and appendices. The reports of this meetings will contain two documents for comments by Member Countries:
 -proposals being submitted for adoption at the next General Session;
 -drafts of other work currently underway and which may be submitted for adoption at a future General Session. This reports will be circulated to MC and publish on the OIE Website.

October: SC send proposals to MC

The proposals from the August-September meeting are sending for analisys to the OIE Member Countries with the technical information attached.

November to February: MC Comments on SC proposals

The OIE MC annalyses the SC proposals and send comments to the OIE.

March: SC analisys on comments

During March, each Commision will examine the received comments on documents from the August-September meeting, considering simply modifications that allow to approve the standard in May, and the complex comments will be analized later, as well the pursuance of the other proyect in progress.
The meeting reports will be send to each MC as well published in the OIE Web Site.

So, with this calendar we avoid the Commision meeting before the GS of each year. Delegates that want to comment on text for approval will have to speak at the GS at the moment that the texts will presented for approval. Except cases of urgency text for approval (as in international crisis situation), the proposal of texts containing new stardars will follow a two-year cycle.